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Management communication skills and inter-personal behaviors, Assertiveness, effective interaction with teams in a meeting, conflict management, management -power and influence.
Assessment : Analysis of a person’s profile according to a set of predefined measurement points in order to get an additional point of view on someone by an external, neutral person.
Coaching : Coaching must be tailored to the needs of a person or a team. The objectives of coaching are: develop or reinforce leadership, strengthen operational effectiveness.. At HR-ID, the starting point of a coaching process is based upon a person or a team’s preferred MAP, Mental Action Process revealed through the Empreinte methodology.
Practical use
: recruitment, internal & external mobility prepare further development, self-leadership, career orientation and development, talent & competence management, team cohesion and performance, CRM, succession planning, role and mission definition.
CULTURE workshop-programs The key aim of these workshops is to generate cultural awareness by creating insight into how to avoid cultural mismatch when making business with, or managing people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Based upon real-life case studies and people’s experience we use specific cultural value wheels to create awareness and bridge cultural stereotypes.
Practical use : manage multicultural teams, prepare merge and acquisition, restore a positive working spirit, cultural integration, set up a vision and values at corporate level