My role

Objectives and values





The role of HR-ID is to support the development of people and companies and coach them to achieve long term partnerships by providing tools and methods :

  • to map and understand people’s values and behavioural preferences,
  • to match staff’s potential to their mission,
  • to stimulate interaction and responsibility ownership,
  • to boost team cohesion and the company’s performance,
  • to anticipate development and manage growth.

In today’s highly competitive and global markets, a company’s economic advantage and fitness strongly depends on

  • its ability to effectively manage its potential and competencies through recruitment and retention of human capital,
  • its capacity to adapt to change through organizational flexibility and adjustment of means,
  • its local, national and international cultural awareness and open-mind.

Thus the challenge is to set up and implement fruitful HR development policies by focusing on mutual comprehension and respect, complementarities, vision and job ownership in order to express personal and corporate leadership.