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We are committed to pricing our medicines in a way that reflects the benefit they bring to patients and society, ensuring patients have access and enabling us to continue to invest in new medicines.

  • We may consider a number of factors when determining a medicine's price, including, for example: Its impact on patients and their disease, other available treatments, its potential to reduce other health care costs, such as hospital stays, and affordability.
  • We may also consider our investments to maintain the quality, safety, and reliability of our medicines, and our ability to continue to innovate to bring new, life-changing medicines and vaccines to patients.
  • We may also consult physicians, payers and patient groups, as appropriate. We may also engage with patients, doctors and healthcare plans regarding their views.

We then negotiate with insurers, including PBMs and MCOs, and may provide significant discounts from the initial price.

The price that patients pay for the medicines their physicians prescribe is ultimately set by healthcare providers and insurers.

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