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Antimicrobial Surveillance

Surveillance refers to monitoring rate and patterns of resistant bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Antimicrobial (AMR) surveillance is vital for clinicians and public health officials to assess the nature and scale of emerging resistance, both locally and nationally, in order to slow the rise of AMR.



The Antimicrobial Testing Leadership and Surveillance program (ATLAS) database provides physicians and the global health community with free access to data on bacterial sensitivity to various antibiotics and emerging resistance patterns in more than 70 countries. In January 2018, the Access to Medicines Benchmark Report on AMR noted that Pfizer’s ATLAS program “stands out among all AMR surveillance programs.”

欧洲杯竞猜 helps address AMR by:

  • Allowing physicians to evaluate resistance data and conduct analyses that include parameters such as pathogen, region, specimen source and in vitro susceptibility data
  • Helping researchers and medical experts learn about resistance trends in their regions and countries
  • Informing policymakers and health authorities to influence their infection control and prevention programs